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take it easy JavaScript

simple js with input, processing and output

It´s easy to learn JavaScript coding

Just Download and install tieJS:

1. Download tieJS_setup.zip from here. It´s a zip file which contains the file tieJS_setup.exe. This is a 7zip self extracting archive. To keep the downloaded file press keep. Unfortunately the code isn´t signed, so this step is necessary.

2. tieJS is a fully portable application. So you can install on any device. Just move the downloaded and unzipped file tieJS_setup.exe to the desired location and double click tieJS_setup.exe to start the installation. tieJS will be extracted to the subfolder tieJS.

3. Start the tieJS application

by double click on tieJS or tieJS.bat. (Since version v202105281800 tieJS.exe is removed from the package.)

tieJS automatically checks for updates. If available you can download and install them by pressing the Update-button:

Further documentation is available by pressing the Help-button.

Extended functionality with plugins

Just Download and install tieJS-Plugins: (minimal tieJS version: v202004211300)

1. Choose a plugin from the list of available tieJS-plugins (see below).

2. Download the ZIP-file of the plugin. Here for example the Documentation plugin: plugin_documentation.zip.

3. Unzip plugin_documentation.zip to the plugin folder of tieJS: tieJS\bin\plugins

4. Start the tieJS application and use the plugin from the corresponding tab:

by click on Documentation.

The position of the plugin button in the tieJS menu depends on the installed plugin.

Further documentation is available by pressing the Help-button in the tieJS Info tab.

Plugin list: (detailed description of some plugins see Help-button)


  • Server for collaborative
  • programming in
  • local network
  • via websockets


  • Collaborative programming in
  • local network
  • Requires one installation of
  • Collab-Server in local network


  • Creates documentation for js-file
  • in HTML-format
  • with
  • documentation.js

EXE Win7

  • Builds executable of html- or js-file
  • for Windows 7+
  • with
  • NWJS


  • Creates a flowchart
  • for js-file
  • with
  • flowchart.js


  • Creates an inline
  • HTML-file
  • with
  • web-resource-inliner


  • Unit tests with Jasmine
  • Installation: Extract two seperate
  • plugin-folders plugin_jasmine_edit
  • and plugin_jasmine_start


  • Minifies
  • JS- and HTML-files
  • with
  • Terser and html-minifier-terser


  • Use serverside JS
  • with NodeJS
  • and with browserify
  • also in the browser

Minimal system requirements

Windows 10,
i3 processor, 4GB ram,
tieJS sometimes doesn´t work on network shares,
tieJS can be used on a portable hard disk or usb stick,
when using the build-in webserver, firewall must allow port 80 for incoming and outgoing traffic.

About tieJS

Surprisingly available code editors for javascript are primarily made for programming experts or only work in conjunction with html code. To ease the beginning with javascript programming, tieJS was developed. It´s a code editor for javascript beginners and can be used for educational purposes.

At the moment, tieJS is under active development.
For more information about tieJS, especially documentation, see the Help-menu of tieJS. Terms and conditions for using the tieJS software and privacy policy can be found in the About-menu of the tieJS software.
Have fun!